Pastor Ben Orija, tspeaks in the following interview about the promises and challenges lying ahead of the ministries, the role of the RHIM, and why he thinks it essential to work for full Restoring lives and Fulfilling destinies.

As a young believer, I grew up knowing the abundant love that God has for me. I was blessed to be in the company of vibrant, committed, zealous and fire brand believers. I realised very quickly that God has invested so much in me in terms of talents and gifts, and the only way for me to exercise those gifts and talents was to serve in the body of Christ. The moment I gave my life to the Lord Jesus, I realised that I began to sow my labour of love to the body by arranging chairs,

and cleaning crusade venues. I was also involved in rural prayer walking, evangelism and intercession. When I came to the United Kingdom, I was still very hungry for the Lord as I am today.. This hunger made me to join a young ministry, where I believe my gifts and talents could be better utilised and sharpened. While in that ministry, I served at different levels, was promoted and ordained as a deacon, evangelist and later a branch pastor. I also represented the ministry within

the United Kingdom, appearing on the Revelation TV channel on more than two occasions and also internationally to the USA. The various roles and the challenges they present has given me the required focus for the ministry.

I believe that one of the major reasons that God gives spiritual gifts to men is so that man is equipped to know the mind and will of God concerning his daily life and destiny and fulfil them. I believe that prophecies compliment the word of God which is Jesus, rather than its substitute Rev. 19:10. The truth is that even though the will of God is expressed, it is still possible for an individual to walk with limited light suitable for direction, guidance and instruction as to the total counsel of God, simply due to lack of knowledge, Hosea 4:6. So, the Spirit of prophecy becomes essential to compliment the word of God and also makes the ministry of evangelism effective, purposeful and fruitful. Part of the mandate the Lord has given us at RHIM is to provide purposeful and insightful leadership to many people in the kingdom and the world. I say leadership because, the vision of RHIM is to assist men and women of all ages discover who they are in the Kingdom, shake off the mess in them, take their position with purpose, stir up the rich deposits in them and fulfil their God ordained destinies in the kingdom, society, business or in the government. If you examine the key scripture for RHIM in Isaiah 58:12, you will discover it is not about an individual, so of necessity, I have to provide the essential leadership required for discovery and enablement. This, I am glad to say is my passion and earnest desire.

RHIM is an evolving and a practical ministry where men, women and youths are impacted on a daily basis. We are a praying ministry with a vision so we know that we cannot but succeed in our God ordained mandate to save and restore lives, give direction and support men to stir up the deposits of diverse talents and gifts in them. To achieve this is a big task only possible through the help of the Lord. At RHIM, the family and community becomes the avenue to influence for a transformation.

How does worship in a local congregation feed or nurture your faith and how do you relate that local, more intimate experience, to the broader global concerns you must consider as the RHIM General Overseer?

King David said, I was glad when they said unto me, let us go into the house of the Lord. At RHIM, we deliberately create a free, lively and vibrant atmosphere to show gratitude and thanks to our God for who He is. As believers, we are called to know Him, love Him, and maintain a sustained relationship with Him by worshipping Him with musical instruments, dances, songs of praise, thanksgiving, gratitude etc. Without knowing Him in this manner, tell me, how can you go for Him or fulfil the assignments you believe are called to do? At RHIM, we know that when we worship God in this manner, we believe that He hears us, delights in us and will thereby deliver to us our

petitions. For when our praises / worship / thanksgiving and gratitude goes up, not only does the Lord inhabit them, the blessings, victory, inspiration and divine enablement comes to us to fulfil our global mandate.

A lot! Apostle Paul said we should be followers of those who through faith and patience inherited the promise of God. I think the practical idea and question that arises here is why should a nation spend 40 years on a journey to possess their promised land when they can learn from another? Or why should RHIM take 25 years to grow when there are precedents of success and achievements to learn from? So, at RHIM, we follow with keen interest those men and women of God who are passionate about the Kingdom and are faithful in delivering their God ordained assignments. They are effectively the shoulders that we gladly stand on to look at the past and see the future in our effort to obey the Lord and fulfil our destinies.

Most ministries focus on Financial, Relationship and Spiritual Warfare and not focusing on the evangelising and winner soul for Christ, what is your vision of your ministries going to be like?

Many ministries are called to do diverse and different things in the body of Christ but the common ground for all is the ministry of soul winning and evangelism which should not be neglected. We are a local assembly that is practically involved in our community with a view of winning souls and leading by example. Since every minister and ministry is answerable to the sender, we are committed to focussing on our assignment of raising disciples, through the restoration of lives, growing in His knowledge and stature, understand who they are in the Kingdom and the authority they have. That is why our slogan says, “Restoring lives, Fulfilling Destinies”. We believe no matter how successful a person may be, or celebrated in his achievements on earth, without fulfilling God’s ordained purpose for that life, in the sight of the Lord, you are not successful. We believe that our placement in our community, nation and I believe in the international scene and how we shape it is driven by our passion to win souls and see lives transformed. Our key principles to achieve this is what I call LPW; i.e. Love, Prayer and Works.

We see RHIM promoting the gospel and teaching sound doctrines, locally and internationally through diverse media.

We see RHIM working in partnership with other goal oriented Christian and other organisations in diverse ways including crusades. We see RHIM actively involved in the community and nation and be positioned for partake in the soon coming revival in Britain and Europe AND BE A CHURCH OF INFLUENCE IN THE SOCIETY.

We see RHIM raising, encouraging and supporting missions to other nations of the world.

We see RHIM actively pulling down the artificial barriers such as culture, colour and race to knowing and serving God thereby promoting a church without walls environment.

We see RHIM providing social, educational and recreational amenities as computer training centre, bookshop, Bible school, Youth and Children centres.

We see RHIM involved in charitable activities, locally and internationally.



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