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At Restorer's House, we are committed to restoring lives and fulfilling destinies

Our goal is to emulate our Lord JESUS CHRIST so that we can also be a gift to our community and the world at large

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Matthew 24:42-45

Food is a basic necessity for life and living. We have observed and are aware of several individuals and families in our community who are unable to provide this basic necessity of feeding themselves and their families for diverse reasons. We don’t think anyone in our communities should have to face going hungry and so we decided to Assist.

Times can be very difficult for individuals and families who are already managing on extremely tight budgets. Increased winter fuel costs, an unexpected illness or a delay in receiving benefits can be enough to push people into food crisis.

Nobody should have to choose between heating and eating. Our mission is simply to get food and associated benefits for life and living to our communities, nationally and internationally.

We decided to undertake this Assist program, working in concert with several other partners and agencies as part of our social responsibilities to our communities and the people we consider our neighbours, having observed the widening gaps and understood the need for the basic essentials for life and human dignity.


FOOD IS SOURCED - we reach out to individuals and supermarkets who donate non-perishable, in-date food to us on a periodic basis.
FOOD IS SORTED & STORED – Our Volunteers sort food to check that it’s in date and pack it into bags ready to be given to people in need.
FOOD IS GIVEN – Within our geographical area, from recommendation of interested partners and volunteers, we identify people in crisis and Assist.

Tin Foods are available to be collected from the address (below) Hot soup, tea, coffee, sandwiches and light refreshments are also available from the location above twice a month
We will deliver, and if required offer other services as part of our charity objectives and mission.

While the list is not exhaustive, we will serve the categories of cases here listed -

  1. Low Income
  2. No recourse to public funds
  3. Benefit Changes
  4. Domestic Abuse
  5. Delayed Wages
  6. Homeless
  7. Sickness / Ill Health
  8. Benefit Delays
  9. Other dependents

We welcome support from people like yourself and you can be an ASSIST Volunteer – You will help in reaching out to the needy and distributing the food we have to the ones that need it the most. Your effort will contribute in no small more in improving the life of a family you may never know.

We welcome financial donations and assistance to enable us to continue providing food, storage and distribution; clothing, other basic necessities and resource materials to the people that really need the items.
Your financial assistance will also help us achieve our vision of reaching more people in the local community, nationally and internationally in showing the love that Jesus Christ demonstrated and requires of us all to show to those around us.

Thank You.
Call Us Today: +44208-593-4975 OR +44 7940-522-640